Pete Lee is a Taiwanese-born, San Francisco-based director. He started out working as a youth worker in the Tenderloin and shot badass fight scenes and sexy food on the side. Over time, his side gig became his main gig, but he still volunteers with kids between film projects. Through it all, Lee has only increased his fascination with the larger-than-life personalities he has encountered. He obsessively enlists them in music videos, commercials, and short films.

Lee's directorial work has premiered in Rolling Stone, MTV, NPR, Vice, Comic-Con, and the San Francisco International Film Festival amongst other outlets. His photography work has been featured in SF Weekly, Lucky Peach, and Edible Brooklyn amongst other publications.

Lee recently returned to Asia to collaborate on a cookbook, The Food of Taiwan, which is out now. His latest short film, Johnny Physical Lives, an animated documentary about cancer and rock 'n' roll, is screening in festivals world wide. He is also shooting his short film Don't Be a Hero, about a lonely lady bank robber, later this summer. Lee enjoys inventing Taiwanese dishes, pretending to know martial arts, and covering Mariah Carey.