Pete Lee is a San Francisco-based director who grew up during the golden age of kung-fu cinema. As a teenager, his family immigrated from subtropical Taiwan to New England. Speaking no English and missing the hell out of the glorious kung-fu mayhem, Lee tried to recreate stage action scenes of his own. After earning a film degree from Emerson College, Lee moved to San Francisco - a mini-mecca of martial artists. He ran an art program for homeless youths in the Tenderloin by day and filmed on weekends.

It was then that Lee started to apply the wit, grit, and kinetics found in kung-fu movies to other stories. He reached out to everyone he knew - housing activists, animators, musicians, comedians, and one famous dwarf cat - for collaboration. Soon after, an unlikely community grew.

Lee's short film "Don't Be a Hero", about a cross-dressing bank robber, will premier at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. He is currently developing two feature films. In his spare time, Lee sponsors a series of kungfu movie screenings and runs pop-up fundraisers for those affected by the Bay Area housing crisis. He does not know how to ride a bike.